Sending mass emails or SMS message from the Service renewal report

Repeat business from existing customers can be reliable source of sales as existing customers know and trust you, they also know exactly what service you provide from experience which makes it easier to win over existing customers compared to new customers. We recommend the Service renewal report to find those customers that have had previous services and ask if they would like to have their service repeated.

With the Service renewal report you can generate mass letters as a Word document for each customer that has a due service or send out mass emails or SMS messages. It recommended to use this report each month to find out what services are coming up for renewal in the following month. Below are the commonly used steps to send out Mass emails:

  1. Go to “Reports”.
  2. Click on “Service Renewals”.
  3. Change the start date to the beginning of next month and the end date to the end of next month.
    This will give you all services that are due within the next month if the services has been entered in with a valid renewal period.
  4. There are 3 main filters that can refine your list, Categories, Services, Contracts. Select “All Categories”, “All Services” and “All Contracts” if you don’t want any of these 3 filters to be applies, else selected according.
    For example if you only want general pest services, select “General Pest” and it will only display services within that category. To remove commercial work with contracts select “No Contracts” under the Contract filter.
  5. There are two other options to refine your list which you can tick on or off:
    "Remove duplicate property visits", tick this if you do not want the same property list more than once. Warning if there are two or more services required the property will only be listed once so generally this should not be ticked.
    "Display Only Unknown Renewal Status", tick this option to exclude serviced that have already been accepted or declined. This should be tick normally as you don’t want to ask a customer that has already given you an answer.
  6. After you have made your selections on the filter and date range, click “Go”.
  7. You will then see a list of services that are due for the following month. At this point you could take the following actions:
    Call the contact person with the displayed telephone numbers and click Accepted or Declined if they give you an answer.
    Generate the mass letters based on the selected template.
    Individually email or SMS each customer regarding there service with the SMS or Email button on the right hand side next to each service.
    Mass email or SMS the customers on the current page. This is the recommended action.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Select All”, this will tick all the services within that one page that is showing.
  9. At this point look over the selected services and untick any customers you don’t want to email.
  10. Click “Mass Email” and this will display a preview of what the mass email will look like.
  11. The email from address will prefill with the users registered email address and the subject and body will prefill with the selected email templates. Check the preview. It is recommended any permanent change that need to be done to the template are made within the admin section so the changes wont need to be redone next time, however if it’s a once off you can change the email body within the preview.
  12. Click “Send”, this will email all the selected customers on that page.
  13. If there are multiple pages, click “Next” and repeat steps 8 to 12 for each page.

If you prefer to send a SMS instead of email you can do exactly the same but click the “Mass SMS” and it will also give you a preview of the Mass SMS before sending it.

Updated: 16 January 2023

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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