Merge one customer into another

1. First find and open the customer that will be merged into another customer.

2. Click on Open.

3. Click on Customer ID Next to Customer Settings.

Customer ID number is the number on the top left-hand side.

4. Select over this number and Copy it or note it down.

5. Find and open the customer that you want to keep and merge it into.

6. Click on Open.

7. Click on Customer Settings.

8. Click on Merge Customer.

9. Enter or paste the customer ID into the textbox on the left.

10. Please be sure before you merge two customers in to one because its irreversible.

11. If you're sure the right customer is selected, click Merge.

12. The Merged Customer is now listed as a contact under the Contacts tab.

All of the Merged Customers details will now be found within this customers details, including jobs, properties etc.

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Updated: 9 January 2020

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