How to change document templates

To change the contents on any document template such as the Quote template, Invoice template or other document template, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Admin”.
  2. Click on “Word Templates” under the heading “Customer Settings”.
  3. Click “Edit” on the type of template you want to edit, such as invoices.
  4. Click the Download icon that looks like a Word document.
    This will download the word template to your computer, most commonly in to your download folder.
  5. Open the downloaded file with Microsoft Word.
    If it doesn’t open with Word then open Microsoft Word and then open the file from within Word.
  6. All the document template for Nexus Service Manager are Word XML document so to edit them you just need Microsoft Word. Make the desired changed to the document.
  7. Save the changes made to the word document and close Word.
    Note the document type must be a “Word XML Document”.
  8. Next the changed file need to be uploaded but first make sure the file name is the exact same as the file name displayed in Nexus Service Manager.
    If the file name has changed then the template will not overwrite the previous template and the new template will not be used. Rename the file name on your computer if required.
  9. On Nexus Service Manager click “Choose File” and select the changed template.
  10. Click the uploaded button that looks like a disk.

After upload the change template, that all you need to do however it is recommended that you test the new template out by regenerating the document.

Each type of template has their old data field, here is a link to all the available data field:

Updated: 13 January 2023

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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