Email Quote Reminders

The automatic Email Quote Reminders function sends quote reminders to all customers that have quotes with an Unknow status and an email address.
The function run every day at normally at 11 AM that satisfy the quote filters.

The function will use 3 email templates:
Quote reminder 1, to be sent 1 day after the quote has been created, based on quote date.
Quote reminder 2, to be sent 2 weeks from the quote date.
Quote reminder 3, to be sent 4 weeks from the quote date.

The email will send to the customer main contact, using email field 1 and the from address is defined in the system setting called “Quote Reminders From”. The subject is defined on the 3 email templates.

After sending the email it will automatically update the “Next Follow up date” by 2 weeks.
Update the follow up status.

A user log will be created within Edit Quote after sending the email and the email will be recorded within sent emails.

Quote Filters

It will not send any emails on the weekend but send any due quotes on Monday instead.
It will skip any quotes with a 0 value and a maximum value can be defined in system setting “Quote Reminders Max Value”.

System settings

Quote Reminders Hour
Value: 11
Hour to run the function every day.

Quote Reminders From
What email address to use as the From display.

Quote Reminders Max Value
Value: $1000000
The max quote amount to send a quote.

Quote Reminders 1 Days
Value: 1
Number of days from quote date to send.

Quote Reminders 2 Days
Value: 14
Number of days from quote date to send.

Quote Reminders 3 Days
Value: 28
Number of days from quote date to send.

Default: 0
BCC the following address unless set to 0.

Updated: 30 August 2021

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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