Sub questions

Sub questions are used to ask technicians a set of questions on the condition that the parent question is equal to the Condition Answer.

A parent question could be a Yes No or a True False question type asking “Are there live termites?”, if the answer is Yes or True a Sub question could be created then asking “What species are they?” with the Condition Answer set to “Yes”. The same can be used with a Condition Answer set to “No” which would ask the sub questions only if the parent question is equal to “No”. This can be handy when you need to ask the reason as to why the answer was No.

To create a Sub questions you first need to have a parent question set to Question type “Yes No” or a “True False”. Then create a Sub question by clicking on to Sub Questions for the relevant parent question. You can enter any number of sub questions but they all need to have a Condition Answer else they won’t be asked. A sub questions can also have an unlimited number of sub questions.

Updated: 27 August 2021

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