MYOB Hourly Sync

The MYOB Hourly Sync function is a background process that runs without any user intervention. When enabled it runs every hour on the hour and sends unposted invoices and receipts to MYOB AccountRight Hosted.

Before it sends the invoice over, it will check if an invoice already exists in MYOB with the same invoice number and if the invoice is not found it will then post the invoice.

The invoice number must be a valid invoice number and cannot have any special characters in it, else MYOB will reject the invoice. Invoices with zero or negative amounts will not be sent over as MYOB rejects negative invoices.

Receipts will only be sent over once to not cause duplication and if they fail it will be marked as Failed. The status of receipts can be viewed in the Receipt Report. A receipts will only be posted if the related invoice has already been posted.


The MYOB Hourly Sync function will send any invoice with a Invoice date that is after the starting date and the function will send any receipt with a paid date that is after the starting date.

The maximum number of invoices and receipts to be sent in one run. To not overload the MYOB API it is recommended to send a maximum of 100 items per hour.

Allows the MYOB Hourly Sync function to post invoices.

Allows the MYOB Hourly Sync function to post receipts.

Updated: 6 August 2020

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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