Reckon Hourly Sync

The reckon integration can connected in to Reckon Hosted API and sent over the customers, invoices and receipts over to Reckon. It runs the function every hour within the first 10 minutes of each hour and sends over any new invoices and receipts to reckon. Only customers with invoices are over sent over to reckon.

Recon must be running in multi user mode to allow the Nexus to connect.

For the integration to work the following lists in Reckon need to match with the lists in Nexus Service Manager:

Items List

The below items must exist in Reckon for Nexus to send over the invoices:

  1. Labour
  2. Parts
  3. Service Charge
  4. Credit Card Surcharge
  5. Discount
  6. Note

Terms List

All credit terms in Nexus must also exist in Reckon.

Payment Method List

All payment methods in Nexus must also exist in Reckon.
All receipts are entered in to “Undeposited Funds” by default so that account must exist.

The customer must be created via the Reckon Integration so the Reckon customer ID can be saved in the database and used at a later date.
The billing contact is the contact details that is used as the customer in reckon.

Default value: 0

Updated: 9 July 2020

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

Nexus Service Manager is developed by Nexus Digital Technology PTY LTD.