Replica System

All Nexus Service Manager systems have a replica system, this should only be access when the master system is down.

The replica systems are on a secondary network of servers that are isolated from the master servers and connect to the internet via another internet upstream provider. This provides a better level of redundancy.

To access your replica system you simply need to put a “.2” before the current URL of

For example, say your current URL to access your master system is: the replica system would be

The mobile app is also accessible via

The replicated database is reloaded from the mater database every 24 hours around 11:40 PM. Your replica system is designed as a backup service in the event that the master system is offline due to a power outage, internet outage or disaster. As it is reloaded every 24 hours from the master system please do not enter in any information in the replica system, its best to view it as a read only system.

Another benefit of the replica system is if a job is accidently deleted from the master system you may login to the replica system before 11:40 PM to retrieve the information.

Updated: 22 June 2020

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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