Technician Date Range Graph

The Technician Date Range Graph displayed the total value of all visits that all technicians have worked on for a selected date range. Each active technicians will display on the bar chart.

There are the following filters available on this report:
Company filter to select what company to report on.
Date range to collect all visits within the selected date range.

There are modes of calculation:
Divide job value evenly
Divide job value relatively

Divide job value evenly will divide the total job value and evenly assign the total amount to each technician that work on the job. Each technician will be given a portion of the total job value based on the number of visits he performed towards the job.

Divide job value relatively will assign the visit value directly to each technician that performed the visit.

An example where the modes of calculation will have an effect on the technician totals would be when there are 5 visit all with different technicians assigned to a job but only the first visit has a dollar value entered in to it so the other 4 technicians have a zero value on there portion. Here the evenly calculation would divide the total over all 5 technicians instead of assigning it just to once.

Updated: 5 May 2020

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