How to add a New Customer

Welcome to Nexus Step-by-Step Training where we'll guide you through the steps of mastering How to add a New Customer.

1. Click on New Customer in the main menu on the left hand side.

2. Click on Title and select from drop-down or leave blank.

3. Type the First Name & Last Name if known AND/OR a Company.

4. Customer Code is an internal reference number and can be left blank.

5. The Company can only be left blank if there is a contact name. You must have one or both, or else it won't save.

6. Select a Job Position or leave as "Unknown.

7. Add the ABN if known or leave blank


8. There is the option now to enter a Building Name, which can help identify a building if there are multiple buildings at the address.

9. Proceed to enter the address, including the street number and unit number if any in the Street Address field.

10. The Suburb field is directly linked to the Postcode field. Type three letters in the Suburb field, and the system will drop-down options.

11. Select a Suburb, and the program will auto-fill the Postcode. The same can be done in reverse, if leaving the Suburb blank and entering a Postcode.

12. The state is set by default in ADMIN SETTINGS. However, if needed, you can manually change this via the drop-down.

13. You can also over-ride the automated information. If the Suburb data you enter is not found in the drop-down menu, you will be notified upon clicking SAVE. If you're certain that the suburb you entered is correct, add it by clicking SAVE again.

14. Enter at least one telephone number for the customer and you can nominate the type of number before entering it in via the drop-down.

15. The Mobile data entered here will be used automatically in the system for SMS to this Customer.

16. Make sure to enter the email address into Email 1 as this data will be used automatically in the system for emails to this Customer. The system will alert you if the email is invalid and needs correction before saving.

17. You can customize all drop-down menus in ADMIN SETTINGS. Then, utilize the Referral field to keep track of where your customers came from.

18. Use the Industry and Sub Industry fields to categorize customers for reporting and marketing purposes.

19. The Customer Of field is useful if your company has multiple divisions or branches, and the customer needs to be linked to a specific one.

20. The "Email List" and "Mail List" tick boxes are ticked by default, allowing the customer to receive information through the automated services within Nexus Service Manager.

21. Click on Save.

22. The program will prompt you if any required fields are missing.

# We hope you found this step-by-step useful! If you want to learn more about Nexus, check out our other training guides and videos. Happy learning!

Updated: 9 January 2020

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