How to create a new invoice for a job

Welcome to Nexus Step-by-Step Training where we'll guide you through how to create a new invoice for a job, including adding descriptions to an invoice, generating and emailing an invoice.

1. Click on Customers from the main menu on the left-hand side.

2. Search for your customer and once found, click on Open.

3. Click on the Jobs tab if you’re not already in it.

4. Click on Invoice.

5. The fields will be automatically filled according to the job details.

6. Click on Save & Generate with the PDF icon above.

Please note there is a Word or PDF option. Both will automatically be saved in Customer Files and once generated, they will open the invoice automatically for you to view.

7. Alternatively click on Save & Email with the envelope icon above.

This will automatically save the invoice as a PDF but will not open the invoice automatically for you to view.

8. If you didn't chose the Save & Email option and would like to add a note to the invoice, go to the Invoices tab.

9. Click on Open.

10. Type any Invoice or Job Description Notes in the text box field at the bottom of the screen.

11. This will be added to the invoice for the Customer to see.

12. Click on Save & Email.

13. As this option doesn't give you the automatic preview, you can simply click on the PDF attachment to open and view the invoice before sending.

14. If you're happy with the invoice, click on Send.

15. If you are unsure if an invoice has been emailed to the customer, an easy way to check is under the Invoices tab.

16. Under the tab are all invoices and you can see if it has been Sent and/or Paid.

# We hope you found this step-by-step useful! If you want to learn more about Nexus, check out our other training guides and videos. Happy learning!

Updated: 9 January 2020

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