Create and schedule a new job

Welcome to Nexus Step-by-Step Training where we'll guide you through how to create a new job.

1. Click on Customers from the main menu on the left-hand side.

2. Search for your customer and once found, click on Open.

3. Click on the Jobs tab if you’re not already in it.

4. Click on New Job.

5. The Job Type, Category & Service need to be selected using the drop-down options.

In this example I'm preparing a Termite Inspection, so I select Job Type: Termite Inspection.

6. Ensure the correct Property is selected and enter any known "Order Number" and "Ordered By" details.

7. Select the appropriate Category for the service.

Here I have selected Category: Termite Inspection/Report

8. Now you can select the Service from the drop-down options.

I've selected Service: Termite Inspection.

9. Adjust any details about the Job now.

I'm happy with all pre-set information (Warranty and Renewal periods / Contract length, Quantity, Price and Allocated Time and Price).

10. When you are happy with all the Job details, click on Add Service.

11. Type any Job Notes in the text box field at the bottom of the screen for the technician to see.

You can toggle the tabs to add Office Notes if needed. These will not show on the invoice to the customer.

12. If there are parts needed and you have the Stock Management module, click on the Add Parts tab and add details.

13. Click on Save.

14. The schedule will automatically open for you to find an appropriate date and time.

15. You can move through the schedule by clicking on Next Day / Next Week / Next Month as needed.

16. Alternatively, you can move through the schedule by changing the Date via the drop-down options and clicking on Go.

17. Click on the cell that lines up with the technician, date and time that you want to schedule it for.

18. The confirmation screen gives you a chance to modify the time before scheduling. Click on the chosen Time.

19. If you need a more exact time or need to change the time you clicked on, simply click the Time numbers.

20. Change the New time through the drop-down options. Click on Update.

21. Once you are happy with the booking details, click on Yes to confirm the booking.

Updated: 9 January 2020

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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