Arrival Time

This optional addition to job creation and editing empowers you to capture and leverage arrival times with greater precision, flexibility, and communication across your customers and team.

What is Arrival Time?

The Arrival Time field is a new textbox allowing you to record the anticipated time a technician will arrive at a job site. This information complements existing scheduling features, providing a more customisable description of your service timeline, this field doesn’t replace the booking time just complements it.

To enable this function, you can turn it on under Admin, Advanced Settings, Scheduling & Services Management and then tick “Enable Arrival Time”. If you want to make it mandatory for users to enter in tick “Enforce Arrival Time”.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Scheduling Accuracy: Arrival Time adds a layer of detail to your job scheduling, enabling more precise time management.

Mobile App Experience: Technicians can readily view Arrival Time directly within the mobile app on the job preview and within the job itself.

Improved Communication and Transparency: Arrival Time can be displayed on the Email and SMS job confirmation, keeping customers informed about the technician's estimated arrival window. This transparency fosters trust and reduces customer anxiety.

Configurable Options: The system administrator can manage Arrival Time settings within Admin. They can make Arrival Time mandatory on new and edited jobs, ensuring consistent data capture across operations.

Customization and Flexibility:

Nexus Service Manager understands that every business has unique needs. The Arrival Time feature caters to this by offering various customization options:

Default Arrival Time List: Administrators can create and manage a list of default arrival time options in the system settings. This simplifies data entry for users and ensures consistency.

SMS and Email Job Confirmation Display: You can choose whether to display Arrival Time on the SMS and Email job confirmation by including *ARRIVAL_TIME* within the templates.

We encourage you to explore this new feature and discover how it can optimize your workflows and elevate your service delivery.

Updated: 22 December 2023

Support telephone: 02 9521 4052

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